EKLUM house Puerto Morelos

Rental Agreement

Booking Confirmation

Dear guest, thank you for booking our house for your next vacation. We hope you will enjoy your stay

This Vacation Rental Agreement is made between (Owner) ESTEBAN ROMERO TORRES and (Guest) with the date on which the signature was made on the last page of said document. Both parties agree to sign this Agreement with the following clauses:

Vacation Rental Agreement
The vacation rental property is located at Aldea Ka´an, Calle Cefiro 16-12

1. House equipment

  • Alexa
  • 4 plasma televisions
  • Microwave
  • Stove with oven
  • Blender
  • Coffee maker
  • Towels
  • Sheets of 4 Beds
  • Bike
  • Xiaomi tv box
  • TV Apple TV
  • Wi-Fi cast
  • Cookware
  • Refrigerator
  • 3 hammocks
  • 2 beach chairs

2. Maximum guest capacity
The number of guests when you rent the entire house may not exceed 8 people, including children. If this amount is exceeded, an increase of $2,000 TWO THOUSAND MX/00 per night will be applied for each extra person.
The number of guests when you rent 1 bedroom may not exceed 2 people, including children. If this amount is exceeded, an increase of $500 TWO THOUSAND MX/00 per night will be applied for each extra person.

3. Rental period
The rental period begins at 3pm (“Check-in Date”) and ends at 12pm (“Check-out Date”). If it is not possible to check-out on time, a delay fee of 200 TWO HUNDRED PESOS 00/MX may be applied, unless previously agreed.

4. Minimum stay
This property requires a minimum stay of 3 nights. The minimum stay may be higher in holiday seasons. If the property is rented for less than 3 nights, the guest will be charged a fee of 3,000 THREE THOUSAND PESOS 00/MX per night.

5. House Rules
Guests agree to respect the House Rules (attached to this contract) at all times during their stay, and must make these normal known to any other beneficiary of the rental, who in turn must respect them in at all times during your stay.

6. The leased property will be used solely and exclusively for DOMESTIC use, for which it is expressly prohibited for (Guest) to use it for any other use that contravenes the provisions of the Law and Programs for Urban Development of Quintana Roo and the Law of Commercial Establishments of the same entity, accepting that in case of doing so, it will be cause for termination of this contract, in addition to committing and being obliged to carry out all the steps, procedures or procedures that are necessary to release the property and (Owner) from any responsibility , sanction or fine for that fact.

7. (Guest) may not, without the consent of (Owner), and that is stated in writing, change the form of the leased property, and if he does, he must restore it to the state in which he received it, being also responsible for the damages caused with it, in terms of the Civil Code for Quintana Roo Mexico.

8. (Guest) expressly waives any right or compensation that is motivated by expropriation or affectation decreed by public authority that (Owner) receives in its legal capacity as owner.

9. Non-compliance or inaccurate compliance with any of the clauses of this contract will be sufficient cause to demand the termination of this contract, in addition to the cases provided by the Law on the matter.

10. The contracting parties expressly waive the present or future jurisdiction of their domicile and expressly submit to the laws and courts of Quintana Roo for everything related to the interpretation and fulfillment of this contract, which is signed in duplicate delivering one copy to “> and another to (Owner), leaving the rest with the tax authorities as ordered by law.

11. The consumption, sale, purchase of illegal substances is strictly prohibited according to the federal law of Mexico, (Owner) expressly waives any result of this action for which the (Guest) will be responsible for any legal result that this may cause.

12. The parties involved in this contract mutually recognize their respective personality in the terms expressed and after reading it carefully and aware of its legal scope, they sign it at the bottom and in the margin of each page in Puerto Morelos Quintana Roo.

13. Access control.
In order to carry an adequate control of access to the Condominium
and to give security to it, the Condominium Owners who grant their Private Unit as a lease, loan, possession or other must give written notice to the Administration, prior to their occupation. The Administration must make available to the Owners a format in which the name of the occupant and the period in which he will be in possession of the respective Private Unit must be indicated.

14. Respect the exclusive property of each Owner.
Obligations of the Condominium Owners on the Common Areas:
a) Use the Goods and Common Areas according to their nature and destination.
b) Take care of and ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of the Condominium.
c) Allow the execution of the necessary works or repairs in the Goods and Common Areas of the Condominium.
d) Give immediate notice to the Administration of any circumstance or event that affects or could affect the property and/or common services.
e) Comply with the provisions set forth in these Regulations and others applicable in the Law.
b) Make improper or offensive use of the Common Areas. Obstruct or use for different purposes the roads, corridors, entrances or exits of the Condominium. Placing, storing or piling up in the streets and other common areas, furniture, boxes, packages or other objects that in any way obstruct traffic or prevent the use for which they are intended.
l) Exceed the speed limits allowed. Operate with high volume any electronic or sound device that generates annoyance to the other Owners.

15. Make use of the Common Areas for parties.
The common areas may only be used for family gatherings that do not exceed 30 people, which must have the authorization of the Administration and end no later than 11:00 p.m. Make use of fireworks or pyrotechnic items inside or outside the Private Units. Having animals of a dangerous nature that threaten the safety and tranquility of any Condominium Owner.
Refrain from picking up or collecting the feces of your pets immediately within the Common Areas.

16. Cancellation policy.
Cancellations made 7 days or more in advance of the booking date, will receive a 100% refund. Cancellations made within 3 – 6 days will incur a 50% refund. Cancellations made within 48 hours to the arrival date will incur NO refund.