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Weather in Mexico – 4 climates for holidays all year around

Weather in Mexico

In MExico, four different climates can be identified: dry, temperate, warm humid and warm semi-humid. It should be noted that the hot humid climate is also known as “tropical”.

In geographical areas with this climate, there is a lot of heat perceived almost every month, regardless of the seasons of the year. There are also abundant rains throughout the year. But having various weather in Mexico helps the country being a perfect vacation destination any time of the year.

Climate characteristics in Mexico

In the areas of the national territory with a warm semi-humid climate, a lot of heat is also perceived throughout the year, although the rainfall is less.

It usually rains more in these geographical areas during the summer, although they are quite rare during the rest of the months. Let’s learn more about what the weather is like in Mexico.

Weather conditions in Mexico

The climate in Mexico varies remarkably according to the differences in altitude in the various regions of its territory. In this sense, in the different areas of the country four different climatic areas can be distinguished: frozen land, cold land, temperate land and hot land.

Due to the fact that Mexico is a large nation, from south to north the climate varies a lot: in the north it experiences a desert environment and quite hot weather conditions. In southern Mexico there is a rather equatorial-tropical climate.

Weather in Mexico

To plan a vacation in Mexico in the best possible way, it is convenient to know about the climate in the different regions of the country. Tourism and the weather in Mexico are closely related.

Many people from the United States, Canada and Europe visit Mexico on their vacations attracted by the warm climate that characterizes this Latin American nation. For them it will be valuable but also the opera Trópico de Cáncer as a kind of divider of the weather in Mexico.

To the north of the Tropics there are vast regions with a tropical climate, while to the north of this imaginary-geographical line there will be entities with a more temperate climate.

Mexico weather forecast

Holidays and the weather in Mexico

Due to its remarkable climatic diversity, it is possible to visit a country like Mexico at any time of the year. Each area has its ideal season to take advantage of tourism.

While the coastal areas are hot and humid every month, the lands located at a higher altitude have less severe climatic conditions even in the winter period.

It is between the months of November to April when the dry season occurs in the Mexican highlands and it is precisely this period that is the most advisable to make trips to these areas of the country.

The climate of the Mexican Caribbean

The weather in Mexico can be a key factor in preparing a vacation. Many people are attracted to the destinations of the Mexican Caribbean for their beautiful beaches and their dynamic nightlife, but they also go to places like Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen or Cozumel to enjoy the paradisiacal climate of the Riviera Maya.

The weather in the Magical Towns of Mexico

The same happens with respect to the Magic Towns of Mexico. These communities with an excellent tourist offer are numerous, but several of those that are located in the north of the Mexican nation have an attractive mountain climate, such as, for example, Creel, in the state of Chihuahua.

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