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With the Grupo Jolis affiliate program, you can generate recurring income (a monthly salary).

  • Without wasting time
  • No Investment
  • Dedicate time according to the money you want to generate
  • We take care of everything
  • Training at no cost

So… If you like to be your own boss, owner of your time, earn according to what you work for. But above all, earn money while you do the hobby that you like the most, this club and income program is for you. What do you think?

This program is divided into different industries such as Digital Marketing, Tourism, Latin Dance, Yoga, Vacation Rentals. You can generate income from one or more if you wish.

This is a summary of how it works. (we will leave you a video explaining in detail)

As soon as you sign up to our affiliate program, you will have a link (for example: https://eklum.com/ven/”yourname”). This link is unique and is the way to know if people are using it to navigate through our product under your name.

When you share the link to someone, you can follow when he browses the page and once a sale or a booking happend, thanks to the personal link we will know that the sale is yours.
You open your link from your cell phone together with him or her, you explain the service or product, you give him your cell phone so he can put his data and that’s it.

Thanks to this registration that you are going to do now here below you will be able to see, if he entered the page or not and know automatically if he bought as well as the statistics and deposits of your commissions.

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