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Puerto Morelos for digital nomads

Puerto Morelos for digital nomads

The stunning Puerto Morelos has just begun to peak in popularity. With beaches, eco reserves, cenotes abound, the Mesoamerican barrier reef, islands, Mayan ruins, jungles, and mangroves- the appeal isn’t hard to understand. While popular with tourists, Puerto Morelos is now attracting an entirely different clientele- digital nomads. Puerto Morelos for digital nomads is one of the best places in Mexico.

Here they live amongst the locals in ocean-view condos, open air coworking spaces and beach clubs. 

Why is Puerto Morelos a Great Spot for Digital Nomads?

This quaint fishing village may not have garnered international attention yet, but life as a digital nomad here is wonderful. It’s an ideal destination to have as a base since it’s right off the main highway and only twenty minutes from the Cancun Airport. Plus, the beaches are less crowded and so are the cenotes. To top it off, It’s considerably more affordable than its well-known neighbors. 

Cost of Living in Puerto Morelos

If you stay in the center of town, near Villa Morelos, you can get a house or apartment for under $600 USD on Airbnb. If you’re staying on the beach side in Puerto Morelos, expect to pay up to $1000 USD or find an apartment locally, off Airbnb. If you rent locally you should expect to find a place between $500-$700 USD on average. 

Puerto Morelos is not an affordable region, but Puerto Morelos for digital nomads is a bit more budget friendly. You can get a full meal for $2.50-$7 USD on average. Taxis within town are reasonable, at $2.50 USD. You can also rent bicycles or a car to get around to the places you can’t walk.

What It’s Like to Work Remotely in Puerto Morelos ?

The wifi was wonderful during our time in Puerto Morelos, even in the older houses. While I wouldn’t say the restaurants have the best work environment, they usually have wifi. There might not be a big community of digital nomads here, but it is a strong community, and there’s a great expat group

coworking places in Puerto Morelos

What It’s Like to Live in Puerto Morelos for Digital Nomads?

Both the center and the beach side give you easy beach access, a very local feel, and lots of great eats and supermarkets. The town is extremely easy to get around, and very walkable within neighborhoods. The population is primarily families, older couples, surfers, and those vacationing. 

Life moves slow here. The beaches are relatively laid back but boast several beach clubs and bars. The marine and aquatic life is unbeatable with easy access to the Mesoamerican Barrier reef. As a fishing village, seafood is a huge part of life and the cuisine. This makes it one of the best places for digital nomads in Puerto Morelos if you’re looking for a laid back, affordable, beach side environment, and you’re wanting more of a local, cultural feel.

See this map to check the spots with the best coverage.

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Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a great place to visit for anyone looking for an off-the-beaten path destination. There are many things to do and see, like snorkeling, diving, shopping, dining out or just relaxing on the beach.

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